Fire Fighting Equipments Manufactures

Firefighting is considered to be one of the most risky jobs around the world, and requires the expertise to deal with unforeseen emergences and allocation of resources. In order to prevent casualties or fatal accidents these fire fighters must have advanced training and need to carry the proper firefighting equipments and devices to deal such emergencies. There are firefighting equipments specially designed for various purposes such as to help in locating casualties, medical emergencies, and rescue operations and to protect the firefighters during fire fighting.

Fire Fighting Equipment Manufaturer

Firefighting equipment usually consists of different type of devices and technology:  The first and foremost equipment required is the extinguishers. These extinguishers are of different types such as water based, foam based, dry chemical powder type, carbon dioxide type and more. Other Important equipment necessary is the firefighter personal protection gear. Firefighters are required to wear a fire resistant outer suit with inner lining suit along with a helmet with or without headlight and communication system, inner and outer gloves, woolen socks, fire resistant shoes, water hoses, valves, nozzles, breathing apparatus, and IR camera etc.

Communication equipment also plays a vital role in fire fighting. Communication equipment includes walkie-talkie, cell or mobile phone, radio, sound powered telephone, and voice pipe etc

Fire detection and alarm systems: local or centralized, automatic, semi-automatic and manual fire alarm systems, smoke, frame, spark detectors come under the Fire detection and alarm systems.

Preinstalled firefighting equipments such as abundant water supply network which is usually connected to the fire extinguisher van , hydrant, automatic or manual sprinklers, portable generators and pumps, fixed fire fighting system such as foam and powder type, carbon dioxide etc.

Apart from the above mentioned firefighting equipments there are other general equipments which may be required such as shovel, hammer, hooks, fire beater, hoes, knife, fire blanket, emergency lifesaving apparatus, emergency lights, water and sand bucket etc.

Manufacturers Advise Keeping Portable Fire Extinguishers Ready!

Installing portable fire extinguishers in homes and buildings can prevent loss of assets and lives. Manufacturers of fire extinguishers share tips and guidelines to store and use the fire fighting equipments in emergencies. Though, fire extinguisher manufacturers produce distinct types of equipments and almost each design has similar working principle.

Fire 1

Do You Know About The Term 'Fire Triangle'?

Fire triangle has three things which are responsible for fire incidents when present in the same place at the same time. These things are:


It is necessary to extinguish fire and for this, the person needs to remove at least one thing out of these three. Any fire fighter will tell you the same thing- breaking the triangle by simply removing the source of fuel or heat or oxygen will help in getting control over fire.

Three Kinds of Fire Extinguishers Offered By Manufacturing Companies-

  1. Water based fire extinguishers
  2. Dry chemical fire extinguishers
  3. CO2 based fire extinguishers

Certain Guidelines Mentioned By Manufacturers of Fire Extinguishers:

  • Use portable fire extinguisher in a contained room where the space should not filled with smoke. Once every person moved out from the room, call fire fighting department asap.
  • Always use the right type of extinguisher as per the given instruction. This will help you in escaping from fire safely.
  • Always remember the law of PASS-
  1. Pull the pin
  2. Aim low
  3. Squeeze the lever
  4. Sweep the nozzle
  • It is recommended to bring all-purpose fire extinguisher that is easy to store and handle when required.
  • Always use tested products.
  • Always install extinguisher nearby the exit.
  • Always create an escape plan at your place.
  • Never ignore professional assistance in case of fire. Fire fighting experts are more efficient in responding fire incidents.
  • Refill your extinguishers after the use.